Testimonials / Témoignages

« I to this day haven’t seen anyone else work the silence & soft speaking techniques to build suspense and engagement as you. » – Andrew Kneebone, Finalist, 2012 World Championship of Public Speaking

« This talk was so inspirational » - Jane Harnadek

« [...] so powerful, so moving! » – Georgina Hoesch Green

« That’s the sign of a great speech – timeless message and powerful impact. » – Dawna Bate

« I will never forget that memorable speech. So wonderfully crafted and presented with brilliance. » – Ross Campbell

« Great job Alexandre.. it was a pleasure working with you…. » – Mark Hunter, 2009 World Champion of Public Speaking

« Your speech is one of the life-changing events I experienced this weekend. [...] your words will cause me to make some changes. Thank you for that. » – Dawna Bate

« Thank you for showing that being too busy is just a state of mind and that there will always be ‘TIME’ to pursue any goal… » – Susan Lamb-Robinson

« You nailed it! I look forward to sharing the stage with you… » – Craig Valentine, 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking

« Alexandre, you are very talented. [...] It was fun for me to work with you. » – Ed Tate, 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking

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